Apart from providing information, we have proficiency in executive career coaching, career advice, career counselling and interview coaching.

Why Choose Us?

Our In-depth knowledge
With the experience of almost two decades, Feo has thorough knowledge about the Australian job industry. From Advertising, Accounting, Banking, Art and Media to Financial Service, Legal, Medical Design and Architecture, we provide relevant information and accurate information.
Our client-centric approach
We follow a client-centric approach to make sure that we understand the requirement of every individual and provide the solution accordingly. Our professionals from different industry give the latest information so that every job seekers can make better choices.
Our success rate
This is one of the biggest reasons for our popularity! We have successfully provided more than 85% of the jobseekers in Australia their dream job. The relevant information that we offer and our effort to improve skills are responsible for our success rate.

What We Offer?

Career Counselling
In this procedure, we help individuals to understand not only their strength and weakness but also their interest and passion. This helps them to choose the right career path.
Interview coaching
People often don’t get a job despite having the required qualifications and experience. This is because they did not perform well in the interview. Thus, we provide them with proper guidance to clean an interview.
Skills Improvement
Everyone wants to stay a step ahead of the others, but do not know what it takes to achieve that. We help them to enhance their skills so that they can reach where they want to go.

Our Values

At Feo, we take it as our responsibility to help the jobseekers of Australia to get their dream job. With a team of experts, we make sure the individuals get the right direction as per their potential.
We never hesitate to go for an innovative approach so that we can generate maximum information and opportunities for potential candidates. This helps us to provide relevant information to job seekers.
We provide not only relevant information from the diverse job industry of Australia but also make sure that whatever we are proving to the jobseeker is genuine. Authentic information helps people to take the right step.
We are committed to providing genuine and relevant job-related news to job seekers. We continuously review our data and information to eliminate outdated or irrelevant information.

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Our Seminars and Workshops

At Feo, we believe that providing relevant and authentic information about jobs in Australia. We also understand the importance of teaching the best methods to get a job. And for that, we conduct seminars and workshops across Australia, including places like New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, etc. In these events, our professionals discuss the most recent developments in various job sectors such as software development, medical, engineering, media, and so on. Our highly experienced and qualified professionals share their knowledge with individuals and help them to select the correct career path. They understand the different expectation of individuals and thus solve their problem accordingly.

Why we are reliable?

Feo has emerged as a trustworthy name when it comes to job hunt in Australia. We provide not only in-depth information on job searching, which is relevant and authentic, but also provide useful tips so every individual can get the job they are looking for. We organise seminars and workshops at various places in Australia, where our career coaching experts exhibit how to use modern job search tools to its maximum potential. Our experts also highlight the job search areas in both advertised and unadvertised markets. Owing to their in-depth knowledge of the most recent recruitment practices, we have helped thousands of individual to stay ahead of the pack and find their dream job.

What People Say

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