In Demand Jobs

Are you considering changing careers because you are struggling with your current one? Or, are you a fresh graduate who is looking for a job? Whatever the reason is, you should know what the in-demand jobs are before you make up you make your mind. The following jobs have a good demand in the market, and people are getting jobs in these segments.

Teacher’s Aide

If a person has high clerical skills and enough patience, the person can become a teacher’s aide assists teachers inside and outside the classroom. The main task is to schedule jobs and help in planning the lessons. If you choose this line, you sometimes might need to meet parents and let them know about the development of their children.

Software Programmer

We are surrounded by applications in our smartphones and software programmer are responsible for creating these apps. That is why they have a massive demand in the market. If you like to use programming codes and aware of languages like C++. Java, ORACLE, etc. this line is for you.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses have a high demand in Australia and many other countries. They are responsible for taking care of patients and helping doctors. Being licensed medical practitioners, their responsibilities include taking care of patients, analyse test results, perform diagnostic tests, observe the symptoms and understand the medical histories of patients.

General Clerk

Although the responsibilities of clerks vary depending on the industry, this career generally requires a bulk of administrative tasks, including answering phone calls, setting up appointments, filing documents, and copying documentation.

In retail establishments, a general clerk may be required to process daily orders, sort payments and conduct an inventory check from time to time. Meanwhile, if you’ll apply as a general clerk in an accounting firm, you’ll most likely verify financial reports, post payments, and edit financial databases.

Public Relation Officer

If you have strong communication, analytical, decision-making, and people skills, this job is more than exciting for you. As a PR professional, your job is to seek new opportunities for the company you work for, including closing sponsorships, partnerships, and advertisements. You’ll also develop public relation strategies and marketing campaigns, and communicate with internal and external key persons.

Day Care Worker

A Childcare/ Day Care Worker is responsible for supervising and monitoring kids while their parents are away. Childcare workers also prepare the meals of the children and wash them. If the assigned child is an infant, they’re most likely responsible for changing nappies and feeding vitamins as well.

Advertising Manager

The Advertising Manager’s job description is almost the same as the Public Relation Officers list of roles. The only difference is that the advertising manager is more drawn into creativity. In this career, you’ll be on top of commercial shoots, photoshoots, and other initiatives for promotion purposes. You’ll also spearhead events meant to attract new customers, clients and/or partners.