Future of Jobs

Future of Jobs

An education research centre has recently conducted a study and found that accountants, teachers and healthcare workers will have the majority professional roles in 2014. The research report provides forecasts of job openings in Australia by occupation and industry for new applicants.

From 2017 to 2024, the total number of job openings will be around 516,600 per year, which is 4.1 million in total. And noticeably, more than 50% of these resulting from the demand for replacement. The data show that employment is continuing to move towards higher-skill jobs in the market. As per the result, the highest number of job openings, 973,600 (121,700 each year) will be in in the field of professional occupations. The second-highest number 570,600 (71,300 each year) will be for the managers. These figures show the demand in the higher skill levels.

Among professionals, accountants, auditors and company secretaries are expected to see the highest rate of increase in employment (2.9% annually). And this will happen due to growth in industries that demand these occupations. The study also predicts growth in demand for midwifery and nursing professionals, particularly social assistance and residential care (2.5 % annually). This segment will receive a boost due to several initiatives taken by the government.

Other occupations health and welfare support workers (2.3 % each year), personal carers and assistants (2.4 % each year), child carers (2.6 % each year) and are also expected to see a growth in demand in future. The constant development of the Broadband Network also means that the demand for telecommunications technicians will also to grow (2.2 % per year).

Among the managers, production distribution and construction managers are expected to have the highest number of job openings, with 84,000 (10,500 each year) followed by farm managers, at 80,900 total (10,100 each year). Other job openings that are expected to see growth are business administration managers, with 70,000 (8,700 each year) and retail managers with 66,800 (8,400 per year).  A total of 466,400 job openings will be there for sales workers (58,300 per year) while 76,400 job openings for checkout operators and office cashiers (9500 per year).