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"Creating jobs through selling secondhand materials"

As a partnership between FEO, City of Greater Bendigo, EcoRecycle Victoria, Smorgon Steel and the Community the Eaglehawk Recycle Shop has been a great success story. It recycles about 4,000 tonnes per year, it has created 14 jobs, but most importantly it gives people an opportunity to not only recycle, but to re-use materials. Our customers say “Why wasn’t this started 30 years ago?” Together with the recycling of green waste, concrete and building materials it has extended the life of the Eaglehawk landfill.

The Eaglehawk Recycle Shop is a community enterprise which provides:

- Cheap secondhand materials to Central Victoria.
- Creates jobs by the sale goods from the Recycle Shop.
- Reduces waste to landfill, saving rate payers hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste costs.

You can find an enormous variety of secondhand items at very low prices.

- Household furniture
- Building materials
- Car parts
- White goods
- Metals
- Timber
- Bikes and toys
- Plants and pots
- Plumbing supplies
- Carpet and underlay
- Antiques
- Fire wood
- Shed heaters

The need for further education!

However, the Eaglehawk landfill will now be filled in five years. We need to educate the wider community to reduce waste which is made up of approximately one third commercial / industrial waste, one third wheelie bin waste and one third domestic hard waste. We need to be pro-active:

- Work with business to separate industrial waste.
- Work with residents to use composting
- Promote recyclable products and packaging
- Turn green waste into a profitable business
- Establish Recycle Shops in other parts of the region.

It is proposed to employ a Waste Minimisation Officer to work with the above groups of people and businesses. It will be cost effective because it will extend the life of landfills and reduce waste into the future when waste will have to be transported longer distances.


FEO will contribute $5,000 per year to employ the officer. We are looking for a further 11 partners to sponsor the initiative.The officer will work with business to reduce their waste costs, work in neighbourhoods to reduce wheelie bin waste by promoting composting and purchasing goods sold in recyclable containers. The Officer will also work towards creating green waste as a viable business and promote the establishment of community owned Recycle Shops.

Sort & Save

Through partnerships between Eaglehawk Recycle Shop, City of Greater Bendigo, and All Stone Quarries, the "Sort & Save" campaign has just commenced. Sort & Save will promote sorting domestic and industrial waste and will educate communities in sorting waste, saving money on tip fees, reducing greenhouse gases, etc.

Promotion of the Sort & Save campaign has been supported by Southern Cross Ten.
[View advertising campaign - 15 second ad.30 second ad.] [View brochure].

We all create waste! Therefore, we can all contribute to its solution. If we choose not to act, waste costs will escalate dramatically. We have had the luxury of a local landfill. An alternative will need to be found. Part of the answer is to reduce waste now! Contributions are tax deductible.

How the Eaglehawk Recycle Shop Started

An outline of how the Eaglehawk Recycle Shop (formerly Eaglehawk Recovery & Sales Yard) started can be accessed on the link below. The document begins with advertising for staff and includes information on the training to be conducted for all staff, including course content and outcomes.

Click here to view the document

For further information contact: ers@feo.net.au or Phone: (03) 5446 3467